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The mission of Parisi House on the Hill is to reduce the inter-generational transmission of drug and alcohol dependence of our clients, all of whom are mothers.

Parisi House on the Hill (Parisi House) is Santa Clara County’s first Not-for-Profit women-with-children residential alcohol and drug treatment facility. It began in 1994 with just 8 beds for women and 8 beds for children. It currently houses 42 beds in which women and their children (up to age five) may live for six months while receiving client-centered, culturally-sensitive services.

Our unique treatment program addresses the specific needs of parenting women, pregnant women, and women with newborns up to five years of age. We value the unification of women and their children and understand the effects of addiction on the entire family: Both generations receive services because both generations are affected by parental substance abuse. Our child development program aims to enhance a child’s growth, sense of trust, and bonding in a loving, nurturing environment during their six-month stay.

Parisi House on the Hill is privately set in a beautiful, rural area within Santa Clara County, California. Our original program, “House on the Hill,” was established in 1994, renamed “Parisi House on the Hill” in 2011 thanks to special contributors, Joe Parisi and John Sobrato, who shared a great vision for the expansion of an amazing program that works!

Celebrating 20 years!

Parisi House Awarded!

We received the award for Outstanding Community Agency 2015! See full details here.

San Jose Mercury News – Young, Addicted Moms Work Out to Keep Their Babies


by Joe Rodriguez

Wearing loose sweatpants and sneakers, mothers Samantha Roberts and Beatrice Rodrigues kicked and pranced to a 30-minute kick-boxing video at Parisi House on the Hill, struggling to keep up with the perfectly toned bodies of the fitness instructors on the television screen in front of them.

It wasn’t just fitness or a slimmer figure that motivated their sweaty workout. This is their last chance to keep their children after repeated failures to quit drugs.

When House on the Hill opened 15 years ago to help young mothers overcome drug and alcohol addictions, counselors employed traditional psychological therapies. But an uptick in methamphetamine abuse by young women has forced a change in the center’s approach. Many young women turn to methamphetamine in part because it suppresses appetite and helps them keep a slim figure. The workouts offer an alternative.

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“Parisi House is a wonderful rehabilitative environment for mothers and their children. Santa Clara County is fortunate to have such a fine program.” - Len Edwards